Fissure Sealant

Fissure Sealant

Caries can occur on our teeth for many different reasons. The teeth most prone to decay are the molars at the back of our mouth. The upper surface (chewing surface) of these teeth is more indented, unlike our front teeth. When food particles are not cleaned well from the teeth, they accumulate in these pits and form cavities. The recessed-protruding cracks on the upper surface of our molars are called “fissures”. No matter how much we brush our teeth, in some cases we may not be able to prevent the formation of caries. Because toothbrushes cannot be designed to reach every part of the tooth. Fissures formed at these points also cause caries. However, we can prevent the formation of caries by creating a smooth, protective barrier by covering these fissures, that is, the small grooves on the tooth surface, with the application we call dental vaccine (fissure sealant). Fissure sealing process, especially applied to molar teeth in children, is done to prevent the accumulation of nutrients in the recesses and grooves that can cause caries. As Istanbul Smile Center clinic, we take the necessary precautions with all our meticulousness and enable you to have healthy teeth.

What is the Purpose of Fissure Sealant Application?

The purpose of the fissure sealant application is to prevent the accumulation of nutrients in the caries-prone recesses and cavities of the teeth, to make these areas easier to clean, and thus to prevent the formation of caries.

On Which Teeth Is Fissure Sealant Applied?

It is mostly applied to the chewing surfaces of primary and permanent molars. Rarely, there may be pits in the anatomical structure of the incisors. In these cases, it is also applied to the incisors.

When Should Fissure Sealant Be Applied?

It is necessary to consult a pedodontist for fissure sealant applications during the period when the child’s milk molars erupt and permanent teeth begin to erupt. Because newly erupted teeth can decay much faster. Therefore, it is very important to start preventive applications in the early period.

Is Fissure Sealant a Repeated Application Like Fluorine?

Fissure sealant is not a repeated application like fluorine. It is done once for one tooth. If there are breakages over time, they can be completed by being seen at regular check-ups.

Is Fissure Sealant an Easy Procedure?

Fissure sealant application is an easy process. No pain is felt. The application time is 3-5 minutes depending on the child’s harmony.

What Happens If Fissure Sealant Is Not Made?

If fissure sealants are not made on time, the teeth remain at risk of caries. Over time, teeth may begin to decay from their carious-prone pitted surfaces. Depending on the depth of the caries, filling, root canal treatment or tooth extraction may be required. These treatments are both higher in cost and more difficult for children in terms of application. Routine pedodontics checks should be done every 3-6 months in children. Thus, if there are small breaks in the fissure sealants, they can be repaired early.