Preventive Orthodontics

Preventive Orthodontics

Pedodontists who treat children’s teeth should aim to protect the whole oral and dental health of the child rather than filling the teeth one by one. Starting from infancy, preventive methods should be applied in the mouth. The main goal should be to ensure a healthy transition to the permanent dentition with the controls and procedures to be carried out in the early period for the children’s teeth. Preventive orthodontic treatment is the applications we carry out in order to diagnose and treat crooked or improperly positioned teeth at an early age, and to give the person a healthy oral structure. In preventive orthodontic treatments, which we need to be most careful in orthodontic applications, a single mistake will cause our patient’s jaw and tooth development to not be as we would like. Orthodontic problems, which occur during dental examinations, which should be done especially in childhood, are solved with various appliances and methods. Problems such as early tooth loss, thumb sucking, erroneous swallowing, nail biting, and jaw growth in children are also eliminated by preventive orthodontics. As Istanbul Smile Center team, we make necessary interventions in a very entertaining way as friends with your children.

In which cases should preventive orthodontic treatment be performed?

We can list as bad habits;

  • Finger sucking,
  • Abnormal swallowing,
  • It is done depending on factors such as tongue sucking.

Can Tooth Loss Disrupt Children’s Psychology?

For a child, the loss of teeth at an early age due to saliva or trauma is a factor that can negatively affect speech and the production of certain sounds. In addition, it should not be forgotten that it is not only important for adults, but also a factor that can cause self-confidence and psychological problems for children.

Although there is no definite age limit to start orthodontic treatment, it is useful to visit an orthodontist from the age of 7. Since this period is the period when the 6-year-old teeth and incisors in the anterior region begin to erupt, it is important for the early diagnosis of disorders such as possible upper jaw stenosis, anterior crossbite (the upper teeth are located behind the lower teeth as opposed to what they should be, or the teeth are toothed forward). Early diagnosis of habits such as sucking and mouth breathing will also reduce the need for treatment in the future, and more importantly, it may be possible to save the situation for much less money that you would spend on a full-fledged orthodontic treatment in this period.