Transparent Plaques

Transparent Plates

In cases where crowding is mild or moderate and does not require extraction, treatment with clear plates can be performed. During the treatment, these plates are changed at certain intervals, the treatment is done in stages. It is recommended that patients use these plates for an average of 20 hours a day. The number of plates to be used varies according to the patient’s treatment needs. This is a braceless treatment method. This method, which was developed as an alternative to brackets for adults, is used by more and more orthodontists to correct the position of the teeth. Clear corrective aligners without metal wires and brackets can be removed before eating, brushing and flossing, and then reinserted. Transparent plaque treatment; Among the transparent braces systems, it is the least obvious and the most comfortable on the teeth. That’s why it is popularly known as “wireless orthodontic treatment”. Most of the patients come to the orthodontists thinking that they will wear transparent appliances. However, this method may not be suitable for every patient. Transparent aligners may not be used in advanced orthodontic disorders. For example; In a patient, treatment planning can be done in combination with both clear plate (appliance) treatment and fixed orthodontic treatment. Transparent plaques are a treatment device that can be easily removed and inserted, and easy to use with its soft structure, and it is a very aesthetic treatment tool with its completely transparent structure. As the Istanbul Smile Center team; We provide services for very meticulous and healthy mouth structure aesthetic smiles in our clear plate application, which is a reliable treatment that has been applied for about 20 years, most commonly known as invisalign.

Is There an Alternative Treatment Method to Transparent Plaque Treatment?

The desired result cannot be achieved in the treatment with clear aligners, if your orthodontic problem is advanced and you are uncomfortable with the appearance of the brackets, porcelain braces, which are often preferred, may be the most suitable option for you. Since they are less prominent compared to metal brackets, they provide a more aesthetic appearance throughout the treatment. They are also known as clear brackets. Your doctor will explain the most suitable bracket option to you after your orthodontic examination.

How are transparent plaques produced according to tooth movement?

Your dentist will measure your mouth. These measurements are transferred to the computer environment with the 3D scanning method called the CAD-CAM system. The teeth transferred to the virtual environment are moved by computer simulation. Transparent plate is produced according to every 0.5 mm movement.

What is the biggest advantage (benefit) of Clear Plaque treatment?

Its most important advantage will be that it does not affect your daily life negatively.

You can smile as you wish during the treatment process, as it is invisible and specially produced for you, consisting of removable serial aligners.

While you are drinking, eating or brushing your teeth, you can effortlessly remove your plaque and eat the food you want.

Since the treatment is made of soft plaques and without the use of metal, there will be nothing to disturb your teeth and gums.

It can be easily applied to all age groups.

Does Clear Plaque treatment affect speech?

In the first days, you may have a little trouble getting used to it, then there will be no problems. You can remove it for a short time when you are going to make a speech that will take a long time.

Is there any action to be taken after the Transparent Plaque treatment is finished?

It applies to all orthodontic treatments. After your treatment, very thin wires that are not visible from the outside are attached to the inside of the teeth. These wires are attached in order to prevent the teeth from playing or coming back. Your orthodontist determines the duration of these wires.