Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetics

For a beautiful smile, it is not always enough to line up the teeth white and properly. The alignment of the gums is also extremely important. What we understand from harmony is the color of the gums and the level of the teeth. For a beautiful smile, teeth, gums and lips must be in harmony. If the gums appear more than necessary while smiling, the gums are cut and shaped with the help of laser. If there are level differences in tooth lengths, they are balanced among themselves. If the teeth are less visible and their length is short, the crowns are lengthened by intervening on the gums. In some cases, they are also seen to grow. Removal of excess gum tissue is called gingivoplasty. Pink is one of the methods applied for aesthetics. In cases where the gum smile is too much (gumy smile), if it cannot be solved by surgical method, the botox method is also a reason for preference. Botox, which is widely used in the aesthetic field, can also be used on the gums. With botox applied to 2 points under the nostrils on the upper lip, the lip is reduced a little more, thus preventing the excessive appearance of the gums and gums to some extent.

A beautiful smile, and aesthetically, a beautiful smile attracts people. All teeth have gingival levels, which are not at the same rate, but are constant at a certain rate. In some patients, the gingival level is located within the smile line (gummy smile). For our patients who apply to our Istanbul Smile Center clinic with this problem, you can have teeth with the desired perfect aesthetic structure with one or two sessions of laser or classical methods with a gingival profile without pain, bleeding and stitching.

Treatment Methods in Gum Aesthetics

If there are irregularities or enlargements in the gums, “resective” procedures are applied to cut and remove the gum. These procedures are gingivectomy (cutting the gums) and gingivoplasty (correction of the gums). Sometimes, in more advanced cases, the bone around the tooth needs to be shaped together with the gums In this case, a gingival operation, which we call flap, should be applied.Pink aesthetic problems caused by gingival recession can be eliminated by “regeneration” (new tissue formation and repair) processes. It is possible to provide pink aesthetics by applying connective tissue or gingival grafts to close gingival recessions and to form new gingiva on the open root surface.

Treatment in a Short Time

It is possible to regain the pink aesthetics within minutes, with the treatment duration between 30 minutes and 1 hour, sometimes with very simple touches. The gingiva is a tissue that heals very easily with good care, and it heals completely in 10-21 days, depending on the procedure.

Gingival graft: It is possible to level the lengths of teeth that seem to be elongated by adding tissue to the areas where gingival recession is high.

Porcelains with gingival effect: Porcelain applications that mimic gingival color can be applied to areas that have completely receded and are difficult or impossible to recover surgically.