Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry is a branch of science that examines and solves problems related to oral and dental health in the period from birth to the end of adolescence. It is defined as pedodontics in dentistry. The dental system also goes through different periods in the period between the eruption of the baby teeth and the eruption of the permanent teeth. It is a branch of science that includes different applications such as following tooth eruption disorders and preventing them, applying treatment in deciduous teeth and cavities in permanent teeth, protecting the edentulous areas that will occur as a result of early tooth extraction by applying different appliances to prevent deterioration, and applying prostheses in children born without teeth.

Children in the 0-15 age group are included in the working area of pediatric dentistry. In children at this age, the edentulous period covers a long period, including the period when the primary teeth erupt, the period when the milk teeth are completed in the mouth, the mixed dentition process in which the teeth begin to erupt continuously, and the period when the permanent teeth are completed.

The incidence of dental caries in children is approximately 80-90%. Among the reasons for this are factors such as wrong eating habits and not paying attention to oral hygiene.