Digital Orthodontics

In medicine, braces used as orthodontic treatment are used for irregularities in the teeth and jaw disorders. With this application, which does not have any harm in terms of health, children are prevented from experiencing aesthetic dental disorders in the following years. Dentistry, like all other professions in the field of orthodontics, is becoming more and more digital day by day. Thus, clinical processes are made more efficient by offering our patients faster and more comfortable treatment in fewer sessions. 3D digital color scanning, modelling, easy tracking, sharing, analysis, simulation of orthodontic treatments; With this digital revolution we mentioned, it is possible to contribute to your treatments. All stages of orthodontic treatments, which many people fear and therefore neglect, can now be done in a completely digital environment without human touch. It can be said that this situation minimizes the error rate and provides the patient with a comfortable treatment process. In addition to outdated systems, in today’s era, with digital orthodontics, you can see the state of your teeth before / after the treatment. We are among the few companies that provide 3D digital orthodontic treatment in Turkey.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is used to correct dental disorders. With this treatment method, aesthetic problems are eliminated and our patients have a healthy tooth structure. Disorders in the mouth and teeth of our patient can threaten his health, as well as disturb him in appearance over time. Therefore, the conditions that require treatment can be listed as follows;

    • Anteriorly positioned crooked teeth,
    • Unbalanced mouth and jaw structure,
    • Difficulty closing the mouth in functions such as chewing and speaking,
    • The jaw structure is behind or too far forward,
    • Orthodontic treatment is applied in cases where the lower and upper teeth do not contact each other correctly.

In the diagnosis of orthodontic problem;

  • If there are crooked teeth in the mouth,
  • If the teeth are positioned forward,
  • If the upper and lower teeth are not in contact or the mouth is not closed properly
  • If the chin is too forward or backward,
  • If you have cheek or lip biting,
  • If there is a speech disorder due to the positioning of the jaw or teeth,
  • If the appearance of the face is disproportionate, it is necessary to undergo an orthodontic examination.


Before orthodontic treatment, plaster models of the lower and upper jaws of our patients were made both for archival purposes and to create a treatment plan. With digital dentistry, these models are now obtained in a virtual environment with 3D scanning. In this way, the measurements required to create the treatment plan are much faster and more accurate. Since large metal spoons are not used, people with a gag reflex are much more comfortable.

When does the treatment start after the measurements are taken?

If we consider the times of entering the information into the computer and preparing the molds after the measurements are taken, the transparent plaques are obtained after about two weeks. In other words, the plates are removed two weeks later and placed in the mouth and the treatment is started. In today’s age, with digital orthodontics, you can see the before / after state of your teeth before the treatment.