Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated Orthodontics

Self ligating bracket orthodontic system, which is generally preferred because it contains fewer wires in the mouth, is frictionless. In this system, which is ideal in terms of comfort, the brackets that are normally attached to the teeth are placed by orthodontists. With this system, the wires attached to the thin wires can dislodge, move as they eat, and irritate the alveolar mucosa.

In this system, which also accelerates tooth movement, there are also aesthetic versions and can be applied to everyone easily. In other words, this system can be applied in combination with porcelain brackets to all patients who are warm to the subject of “wire insertion” but who expect an aesthetic stance.

We all want to be comfortable talking and laughing. We don’t want to worry about our physical appearance while laughing. Orthodontic problems disrupt facial aesthetics and threaten oral health. In addition to harming the physical appearance, it also causes psychological problems. Today, people of all ages can be treated and have a more aesthetic appearance. Some people may have concerns about orthodontic treatment. People may delay their treatment because of the thought that the long duration of the treatment will reduce the quality of life. However, once the orthodontic treatment process is passed, great gains such as a lifelong appearance satisfaction, healthy mouth structure and aesthetic smile are obtained. As the Istanbul Smile Center clinic, it provides you with the opportunity to reach aesthetic smiles in the shortest and most practical time.

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During orthodontic treatment, the bone and gingiva are reshaped with the biological activity in the tissue surrounding the tooth. In the meantime, the teeth can be taken into more aesthetic and healthy positions by the orthodontist. This biological activity and remodeling that provides orthodontic tooth movement is now faster thanks to current developments in orthodontic science and technology. Tooth movement that occurs during treatment can be accelerated by non-surgical or minor surgical methods, mainly by micro-vibration or laser energy applications.

How Long Does Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Take?

In order to accelerate tooth movement with non-surgical methods, micro vibrations or light energy are used to increase biological activity in the tissue surrounding the roots of the teeth. In the treatment, a charged device approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) that gives micro vibration to the teeth is used. Thanks to this device, which can also be connected to the computer, the daily use of the patient can be followed during the interim checks of the orthodontist treatment. Scientific studies show that the duration of treatment can be shortened by 30 percent when applied regularly. This method includes minor surgical interventions on the gums under local anesthesia. It is done in a very short time, it has an application time of 10 minutes. Ultrasonic waves are applied to the gums of the patients with a number of vibrating devices. With this method, treatment times can be reduced by up to 30-40%. The treatment, which will take 1 year, may decrease to 7-8 months. And we, the Istanbul Smile Center team, continue our efforts with great effort to provide you with aesthetic smiles in short and practical ways.