Lingual Orthodontics

Lingual Orthodontics

It is a treatment method in which brackets attached to the invisible (inner) and tongue-facing (lingual) surfaces of the teeth are used to correct the positional disorders and crowding in the teeth. Since brackets and arch wires are located on the lingual surface of the teeth, it is not understood that there are wires in the teeth. However, this can be a bit uncomfortable for the language. It is possible that we can understand this situation before starting treatment. For this reason, if it is understood that the language will not be disturbed beforehand, the treatment process is arranged according to the shape and severity of the problem. Istanbul Smile Center provides you with the best facilities in Ataköy, the heart of the city, and gives you the opportunity to move your life to a more comfortable stage by going to the treatment stage after the necessary examinations are made.

To Whom Can Lingual Treatment Be Applied?

Lingual braces treatment, which is defined as invisible braces and using brackets attached to the back surfaces of the teeth, can be applied to all patients who wish. It is preferred by administrators, teachers, artists, models and athletes who are in contact with people or who are in contact with their business and social lives. Not recommended for patients undergoing orthognathic surgery

Lingual treatment:

  • People with lower and upper jaw imbalance,
  • People with lower jaw disorders and their teeth closing forward,
  • For those who experience forward shift in teeth,
  • For people with aesthetic concerns,
  • Those who care about their appearance due to their job and social environment,
  • People with general orthodontic problems,
  • People with teeth grinding habits,
  • It is applied to people who are prone to trauma such as impacting with teeth located in the front.

How is the Lingual Treatment Construction Phase?

In the first examination for lingual braces treatment, orthodontic disorders are detected and lingual braces are designed according to the mouth structure. It is the ideal form of orthodontic treatment, especially for adult patients with complete tooth development, because the brackets are adhered to the back surface of the teeth. Brackets, which are different from the brackets applied to the anterior surfaces of the teeth, are specially prepared according to the inclination of the posterior surface and are indirectly adhered to the teeth as a result of a special laboratory process. There are also special treatment methods known as Incognito and Harmony within lingual orthodontics. In these techniques, gold and nickel-titanium alloy brackets are produced that can be fully adapted to the patient’s teeth using the CAD/CAM system. After the lingual braces are installed, the development of the teeth of the person is followed up with regular controls, and the compatibility problems of the lingual braces in the mouth are determined. Depending on the patient’s teeth and jaw structure, the treatment is completed at the end of 1 – 2.5 years. It is among the most commonly used wire types in Adult Orthodontic Treatment.

What are the Advantages of Lingual Therapy?

Compared to classical metal wires, they are invisible when viewed from the outside,
Since the brackets are not on the tooth surface, the treatment process is best observed,
Eliminates aesthetic appearance anxiety in adult patients,
It can be easily applied to all age groups,
Lingual braces treatment does not cause allergic reactions in people,
They do not affect the professional and social lives of patients,

With lingual braces designed according to the patient’s age, facial structure and smile, the problems to be experienced during the treatment are minimized.

If you want to not compromise on your appearance and have healthy and aesthetic teeth, as the Istanbul Smile Center team, we continue our efforts to heal you and have a beautiful smile in Ataköy, the heart of Istanbul, which is among the few clinics in Turkey for lingual braces treatment.