Metal Wires

Metal Wires

Metal braces are one of the most widely used types of braces. Metal braces, also known as classical orthodontic treatment, can be placed on the inside or outside of the teeth. Metal braces, the most prominent type of bracket, are more advantageous than other braces with their durability. Although it is noticeable because it is metal, it is preferred because of the low probability of breakage. Since it will not be possible to remove the metal wires for about 8-30 months during which the orthodontic treatment will continue, the person should make the decision to have the braces in consideration of this situation. It is recommended by orthodontists as the method that provides the fastest development compared to porcelain braces. As the Istanbul Smile Center team, we take care to systematically prepare our patient for the best recovery phase in our comfortable system, after the necessary examinations are made on adults and children.

To Whom Is Metal Braces Applied?

Metal braces treatment is the choice of families and physicians, especially for the treatment of dental crowding at an early age. Metal braces can be used in every patient with suitable tooth alignment and jaw structure.

Metal braces:

  • People with general orthodontic problems,
  • Those who have crooked or misplaced teeth,
  • People with unbalanced face and jaw structure,
  • To those who have lost and broken teeth,
  • People with anteriorly positioned teeth,
  • People with impaired chewing and speech functions,
  • Those who have abnormality in the lower and upper tooth arches,
  • People with forward or backward positioned chin,
  • For those who are uncomfortable with their smile,
  • Those who have habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, nail biting,
  • Those who have difficulty in closing the mouth,
  • Those who experience jaw locking, those who make noise from the jaw joints,
  • Those who have problems such as cleft lip and palate,
  • For those who have missing teeth in their mouth,
  • Those who have gingival diseases and rotten teeth due to crowding,
  • Those who have wide spaces between their teeth,
  • It can be applied to those who have had early milk tooth extraction.

How is Metal Braces Treatment Performed?

For children or adults with orthodontic disorders, a treatment plan is drawn up with the first examination before metal braces treatment. If any, decayed teeth are filled in the mouth and gum diseases are treated. After the intraoral images are taken, a personalized metal wire design is made. After the patient sits in the dentist’s chair, a comfortable operation is provided by expanding the mouth with an appliance called a retractor. While wearing metal braces, tools are used to isolate saliva so that the teeth are dry. In the classical method; Brackets are attached to each tooth one by one, and for this, the teeth are roughened. Then, using a special adhesive, the brackets are integrated with the tooth. The process is continued with a tool that will harden the adhesive, and the excess of the leaked adhesive is removed. The process is completed with a hardening tool. This application, which is done separately for each tooth, is completed by passing the arch wire through the brackets. Another example for patients who ask how to wear metal braces is the application of the indirect bonding method. Unlike the traditional method, before the treatment, the patient’s mouth is measured and a mold is prepared. Brackets are prepared in advance by sticking them on this mold. Brackets adhered to the teeth with plaques are attached in a short time. The direct bonding method, which reduces the patient’s sitting time in the doctor’s chair, is an application with a high patient satisfaction rate. The method to be used during metal braces treatment is determined by the orthodontist.

What are the Advantages of Metal Braces Treatment?

  • It is more economical than other wires,
  • It is the fastest treatment method,
  • It is the most durable and robust wire type,
  • It is the least likely type of wire to break,
  • It can be applied to people of all ages,
  • It does not cause an allergic reaction in people,
  • It offers the chance to observe the treatment process in the best way,
  • It is the most recommended type of wire by doctors.

How Long Is Metal Braces Treatment Time?

We said that metal braces give faster results than other orthodontic treatments. For this reason, metal braces treatment, which is preferred by patients, results in 8 – 24 months. However, it will also be decisive whether the patient will need applications such as orthodontic disorders, implants or wisdom teeth extraction during the treatment period.